Dark Matter and Dark Energy in the Universe

Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Dark Matter

What is Dark Matter? Have you ever wondered how our universe is balanced? Our Galaxy Milkyway has trillions of stars but have you ever wondered, why the stars of our Galaxy do not leave the Galaxy and do not go to another Galaxy? And have you ever wondered why the stars are always found in the clusters? which is called Galaxy.

The only answer to all these questions can be gravitational force. This is the force that keeps the whole universe balanced and due to this force, the stars do not leave the Galaxy and do not go to another galaxy. But now the biggest question arises here that is there enough matter in the Galaxy to create such a powerful gravitational force which bounds all the stars in a cluster and any star does not leave the galaxy.

Whatever we can see or feel like molecule, atom, rivers, mountains, planets, satellites, stars and galaxies etc., all of these mixers have less than 5% of this type of matter in the universe. Which is called ordinary mater. When astronomers studied the Milky Way Galaxy, They found that there is not enough mater in the galaxy which could produce a powerful gravitational force that kept all the stars tied in the same galaxy.

Now here a question arises that there is not enough ordinary matter in the Galaxy to create such a powerful gravitational force to tie all the stars in the cluster then how all the stars in Galaxy are tied? This shows that there is something inside the Galaxy which is creating such a strong gravitational force which is causing that all the stars are bound in one galaxy. Scientists named this mysterious thing as Dark matter. It is the Matter that is producing so powerful gravitational force that the stars of the entire Galaxy are tied and balanced. Interestingly, It does not absorb light either reflects. It can not be seen due to its properties, and the biggest thing is that ordinary matter is made up of molecules and atoms, but there is no such information about the Dark Matter that how it is made of?

Dark Matter is a mystery because there is no scientific evidence for its existence. But its existence can not be denied. This is an invisible substance which is leaving its effect. Even this Matter does not interact with electromagnetic radiation too. This is the reason that modern equipment can not even find its existence.

Dark Energy

Like Dark Matter, there is another mystical power in the universe which is called Dark Energy.

Now, we know that all the stars in the galaxies are bound because of the Dark Matter due to which stars do not leave the Galaxy and go to another Galaxy but what is Dark Energy and where is it came from? Let’s know it.

It is believed that the existence of the universe came from due to a big bang blast, all matter present in the universe is moving away from that point or in other words, all the galaxies are moving away from that big bang point.

Newton’s law states that if an object is dynamic, then its speed cannot be stopped until an external force on it is placed in the opposite direction of the object. Now the point to be noted here is that if an object is moving then its velocity will be constant unless there is no external force in the direction of movement of that object.

When astronomers studied the galaxies, found that all the galaxies are in acceleration rather than the constant speed. That means the speed of galaxies is increasing every second. According to Newton, this can happen only when there is an external force on these galaxies. Now here a question arises that which energy is there in the universe which is pushing these huge galaxies? So scientists named this mysterious energy as Dark Energy.

Dark matter and Dark Energy Both of these exist in the universe but there is no physical proof of their existence yet. But without being a physical proof, both of them show their existence in the universe and according to the scientists, there is less than 5% matter in the universe which we feel physically and approx 25% is Dark Matter and the rest 70% is Dark Energy. Dark Matter and Dark Energy both are invisible.

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