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Facts about Dreams

We all see dreams while sleeping. In the dream, we feel the imaginary world into reality. And we experience different emotions. While sleeping. we give rest to our body and mind, but our brain remains active even while sleeping. The special thing about dreams is that in dreams, we can see only those things which we have ever seen before, In the dream, Now those people and places we have seen on the TV or have seen in our real life whether seen in childhood or seen as grown up, their photographs and voices are filled in our brain memory which we see in dreams.

It happens many times in dream that we see some such things and figures which we have never seen before, the reason for this is that our brain is very creative. In the dreams, we see only those things which we have ever seen before, but our brain makes some new changes by editing those pictures. That is the reason that those who are blind since birth only listen to voices in their dreams. Because no pictorial memory is preserved in their minds, which can be seen in the dream by editing their pictorial memory.

Let’s know about some of the Facts about Dreams

Sleep Paralysis

There are four stages of our sleep, one of which is REM i.e. Rapid Eye Movement, during this stage, our eyes are shaken fast. We see dreams In REM stage, many people experience sleep paralysis during this stage, but in this stage our brain becomes active. Many people suddenly wake up during this state but they can not do any movement. This condition can last up to five minutes of waking until those parts of the brain become active again, which are necessary for the movements of the body.


Sometimes we see events in our dream which are going to happen in the future, Many times we already have seen events like a natural disaster in our dreams but we cannot remember them because we forget about 90% of the dreams for five minutes of waking up.

Dreams Inspired Ideas

Sometimes there is no sense of our dreams, But sometimes we get new ideas from dreams. There are some inventions in our real life that are inspired by dreams like Elias Howe had discovered the sewing machine only in the dream. James Watson saw a lot of spiral stairs in his dream, and in real life, he discovered DNA together with his friend Francis Crick. When famous director James Cameron saw a robot coming out of a blast in his dream, he made Terminator Movie in real life. There are so many inventions that are inspired by dreams.

Lucid Dreaming

During the Lucid Dreaming, we know that we are dreaming. During the Lucid Dreaming, you are a superpower person in your dreams, because you can control these dreams according to your own and you can do anything in a lucid dreaming but you need a lot of practice to control lucid dreaming.

Sometimes during the Lucid Dreaming, we realize two things as we know that we are dreaming, but we also feel like this is not a dream but it is a reality. And sometimes in real life, the same feeling is realized that at some point we are not seeing the dream because, in reality, some incidents happen in such a way that we do not believe, then we feel our real life like a dream and that time we can not differentiate between reality and dream. It is a big confusion. Because whatever decision you make in such a time can affect your real life also. There are two ways to get out of this confusion, to read a book or watch time in the clock because during the lucid dreaming we lose the ability to verify the time and things. During this time, if we try to watch time and read words written in the book, we will find different times and words every time. If you had seen the time and the words before, they would be different when looking for a second time.

Well, there are many benefits of lucid dreamings, such as these dreams can improve the skill of solving any problem. It also improves memory and self-confidence by controlling Lucid Dreams.

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