Stephen Hawking prediction about End of the world

Stephen Hawking prediction

Stephen Hawking prediction: We often talk about colonization on another planet in space, but have you ever wondered when will be the right time for space colonization? I have mentioned many times space colonization before, so every time people have commented about why we need Space Colonization? If we make the earth right and end its pollution, then we will not need to go anywhere.

I agree with those people that if we keep the Earth safe and do not do global warming, then Earth is the best planet for us. But the matter is not just for our generation. We are very lucky that we are getting an opportunity to live in this environment of the earth but in the future, the atmosphere of the earth will not be like this at all. There is nothing going to happen in our generation and the next 3 to 4 generations after us, but what about the next generations? In their time, will the earth’s atmosphere remain the same as it is in present time?

If human beings have to survive in the future, future people will have to live on another planet in space. It seems to be science fiction but this is the truth of the future.

14 November 2016 in London, In a conference during Oxford Union Debate Society, Stephen Hawking predicted a terrifying prediction. Stephen Hawking said that the human race has only 1000 years left and after 1000 years the existence of mankind will be ended. Stephen Hawking gave some arguments to prove his point.

Warning about modern defense technology

Stephen Hawking said that today almost every country is increasing the number of weapons that could destroy everything. Suppose every single country is looking for powerful weapons from its security perspective and it is good, but every single coin has two sides. Today the weapons that are being used for defense, the same weapon will be activated in the attacking mode tomorrow.

We humans fight on smallest issues, the day of next world war is no so far, on that day the Nuclear Weapons will be activated in the attacking mode. turn, On that day, these weapons will end not only human beings but all kinds of lives will be ended from Earth. A small trailer we already have seen in the past, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Today’s weapons are more powerful than weapons used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Warning about Global Warming

Stephen Hawking’s next argument was global warming, whether we did not fight any nuclear war or we eliminate all the pollution of the earth, but the average temperature of the earth will increase even then. If the Earth’s average temperature increases from just 4 to 5 degrees, it will be difficult to stay on earth. It is not such a thing that if the earth temperature increases from 4 to 5 degree Celsius, the life of earth will be ended, no, but it will be difficult to live life on the Earth’s surface. because the temperature is increasing due to which the glaciers will melt, due to which the sea level will increase. And coastal areas will be drowned in water. The water of the sea will become hot and the atmosphere of the earth will also become hot.

It is natural to increase the average temperature of the Earth over time, but we humans are producing greenhouse gases. And we are increasing the average temperature of the Earth before time. If it continues in the same way, then the day is not so far when nature will start to punish us.

Warning about Artificial Intelligence

Stephen Hawking’s next logic was Artificial Intelligence. Scientists are looking at the future of Artificial Intelligence seriously. Scientists have divided AI into three parts.

  1. Weak AI
  2. Strong AI
  3. Singularity AI

Nowadays, the AI we are using is weak AI. Artificial Intelligence is not so advanced yet that can create problems for us. But the next level of AI is Strong AI. Strong AI will be able to think like human beings and will take decisions by itself. This level of AI can become a matter of concern. The third level of AI is Singularity AI. Artificial Intelligence at the Singularity level will overtake humans. This is the period of artificial intelligence that scientists see seriously.

Stephen Hawking believes that if humans ignore the future threat, then the race of humans will be ended after 1000 years. According to Stephen Hawking, Space Colonization is the only way to keep mankind alive for a long time.

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