Stephen Hawking Time Travel Theory

Stephen Hawking Time Travel Theory

Time Travel, it sounds good to hear, but the logic behind it totally confuses the brain. All of us want to go back in time to improve the mistakes made by ourselves, and want to travel in future through time to know our future, but is it possible? Is time travel possible? Let’s know the answers to these questions.

According to Science

According to scientists, time travel is possible. If we see, we all are traveling in time. All of us are continuously moving towards future from past via present and this is called time travel. And our rate of traveling in time is 1 hour per hour. That means to forward in the future we will take one hour But is it possible that the rate of time one-hour per hour can be faster than our current rate one hour per hour? That is, can we go ahead in the future in the short interval of time? The answer is yes, we can travel thousands of years in a short interval of time.

By the way, time travel is possible by many theories, but in this post, we will know only one Time Travel theory through the speed of light.

According to Albert Einstein’s special theory of relativity

When Albert Einstein published the Theory of Relativity, on that theory, the imagination of time travel began to start. Prior to the publication of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, there was only one concept among people that the speed of time in the universe is the same everywhere that is on earth. They believed that the speed at which time is passing on the earth, in such a way, the time will be passing even on another planet. But Einstein gave a different definition of time by proving this concept of people wrong.

Albert Einstein told that the time and space are connected to each other Which is called Space-Time. Time is the 4th dimension and the speed of time can be slowed or fastened. The time in the universe is running like a river, just like the speed of water gets accelerated and slows down somewhere in the river, in the same way, the time in the universe is running at different speeds at different places.

According to Einstein’s equation of space-time given in Einstein’s theory of relativity, time travel is possible. According to Einstein’s space-time equation, if an object moves faster then the time will slow down and the speed of that object increases The time will slow down rapidly as you travel in a fast-moving train or airplane, then the time will be slowed for you with respect to the outside world and when you get out of that train or airplane after your visit, you will have reached in the future. However, because of the speed at which you was able to travel in train either airplane, you will reach the millionth part of a second in the future. This difference of time is very modest, to realize this difference of time, your speed should be equal to the speed of light or up to 95 percent.

According to Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking, who explains the concepts like Big Bang theory and black hole, He imagined a railway track for the time travel that was made around the earth and the speed of that train which is running on that track should be equal to the speed of light. When the train will run at the speed of light on the track which is made around the earth, the time will be slow for the passengers sitting in the train. Time will be so slow that the life passing on the earth will be seen faster than from train. it is so fast that the moment of the train will change in years on Earth, but the time inside the train would have been much slower than the outside world. When the train will stop after a week, according to the passengers sitting in the train, 65-year would have passed on Earth for a week’s commute, and the travelers will find themselves in the future, And the children of those passengers would have been more older than them who left before one week ago by the passengers.

According to Einstein’s Space-Time Equation

According to Einstein’s space-time equation, time travel is possible only in the future, that is, once you reach in the future, you can not come back. Mean One-way Ticket to the Future.

Now here a question arises whether is it possible to make a train which can run at the speed of light? According to our current technology, the answer may be frustrating. It is not possible to make such a train right now because according to Einstein’s theory of relativity, if the speed of any object increases, its mass will also increase.

Let us suppose that we created a train which can run at the speed of light when the train runs at the speed of light then its mass will be infinite, And to run an infinite mass train, of the equation E = mc 2 given by Einstein, the endless energy will be required, So much energy is not even in our entire Galaxy, if we fill the entire universe’s energy in that train, then maybe the train runs at the speed of light. Because to run anything at the speed of light, the thing should be massless. If we run that train up to 90 to 95% of the speed of light then perhaps we need the energy of our entire Galaxy in order to run that train at such a speed.

Now here a question arises that it is not possible to make a train running at the speed of light, then should our imagination of time travel eliminated here? I do not believe there, besides this principle, there are many other theories by which time travel is possible.

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