What is Time? समय भ्रम या सच्चाई

What is Time in Physics?

What is Time in Physics? How was time formed? Why does time slowing down with the effect of gravity? Why does the time slow down for people moving at the speed of light? Is the time a dimension? Let us know the answers to such these questions.

According to Aristotle

Aristotle had speculated that time could have an impact on speed, but he also said that the speed can be slow or fast but time cannot change because that time Aristotle had no idea about the theory of relativity of Albert Einstein. But according to Albert Einstein, it is possible to change the speed of time because of the theory of relativity.

According to Albert Einstein

When Albert Einstein was working on the theory of relativity, then he had proposed a revolutionary proposal that the speed of time may be slow or faster due to the effect of mass, but at that time Einstein did not know that the universe is expanding. The discovery of the expansion of the universe was written by Edwin Hubble after 13 years after given the theory of relativity. If Einstein had the knowledge of the expansion of the universe, he would surely have included it in the theory of relativity.

As time is a realistic event due to which the process of being changed in the universe continues. Time is clear due to speed. We are getting old day by day, because of the speed of time. An important aspect of time is the presence of motion of molecules at the atomic level such as activity at the atomic level in the photon.

Time Illusion or Reality

Time is always present in anything or any power of the universe, mostly we know the time in three forms: Past, present, and future. We see the most reality of time in the present time, which we call the present. But even before seeing or experiencing anything, it becomes a past.

The Present is a small moment that is happening everywhere. The present is like the small dot on the timeline, which is moving forward from the past to future. The memories of the present in our brain become the past, but it is mandatory for us to remain fully awake.

Except for the present, we can measure the past and the future, such as a historical event or a marriage function, you can store in a recording device, in this way the future is like an unrecorded tape and past is a recorded tape.

The future looks like an image created due to past experiences stored in our brains. Perception of time creates an illusion in our minds as past, present, and future. We can not have the exact experience of time until it is measured with past or future.

Most of the cosmologists believe that the universe was born 13 billion years ago in the event of Big Bang and we are all living in the expanding universe, in which all the stars and galaxies are moving away from each other. We can say that Bigbang was born in a moment and is going on in eternity. The eternal future of the universe began at the time of his birth at Bigbang.

When we do the work of our choice, the time runs out quickly, and when our mind does not seem to do any work, then it takes a long time to do that work. Time is causing us a lot of difficulty in understanding this phenomenon. We are drowning in time, but we are not able to understand anything about time. Time can be such a thing that is beyond our ability to think or it can be an illusion, but in the future, One day, we will reveal the secret of time.

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